I often play the role of love-smitten poodle to everyone else’s Batman. I’m okay with it, better than that – it’s entertainment. How? I ask these questions: if I have it and you want it, why do I have it and you don’t? Hard to believe, but practically anything can […]

Conning the Con Artists

Thank you public library system for having Frankie & Grace, Season 1! It was a wonderful show to binge watch. One of the major features I love – no laugh track! To catch Martin Sheen’s sly look as he handles appetizers and not be forced into it by a chorus […]

Frankie & Grace, Season 1

I’m not a religious person, but I do believe there is guidance available from music. We respond to music on emotional levels. Surprising news. Yeah, I’m shocked. Mock me if you want, but I was so clueless about emotion that I’d have many of such epiphanies — “Phil Collins on […]

Thank You Music, You Rock!

I’m not saying all sexy people, but if not a little bit of extra smell, there is often a slept in quality to their clothes. Me? I think it’s kind of sexy. I asked a store clerk to open my bottle of pop. I didn’t know it was a twist […]

Sexy People Are Kind Of Gross

Sure I mispronounced his name for fifteen years, but with love and devotion every time I said it. Here are some of my, favorite BREW-KOWSKI quotes or rather, the mantras I’m clinging to: <<<<<>>>>> “She’s mad but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire.” <<<<<>>>>> “and you invented me […]

I love Charles Bukowski

Best way to get over someone…get under some else! I love that saying. It says the path to healing is not mourning why this relationship wasn’t written in the stars — it’s hooking up! For me, it has been a huge relief that our body’s chemistry can quickly and pleasurably […]

Best Way to Get Over Someone…

I love how much we love sociopathic traits in the United States. Lots of self-help articles end up implicitly promoting humans as “too sociopathic” or “not sociopathic enough”. Number one, you don’t want to be co-dependent on your spouse – that’s unhealthy (robots alone in space is ideal). Make sure […]

F’d If You Do…Emotional Cheater or Co-Dependent?

My dogs are getting up there. One is 14 years old and the other 13, a German Shepard mix and a poodle-Maltese. Little things add up to old age. No more jumping on furniture or pulling on the leash. It’s tough not to notice. I have to fight the urge […]

Fluffy, Fluffy Death

I would cringe about being outed as a “bad family”. In case the yelling, and couch out in the yard in suburban San Diego weren’t giveaways. We were a bad family. Even had some creepy roommates to prove it, but in the aftermath. I mean the aftermath’s aftermath, plus 25 […]

The Good of Being a Bad Family

Orgasms, unlike vitamins, do not come wrapped in plastic. Oh that they did! We could all pick some up on our way home. I read it somewhere, and hey it sounds good, women should have three a day. Three orgasms a day! Now isn’t that easier-to-follow advice than “eat your […]

Recommended Daily Allowance of Orgasms