Monthly Archives: June 2016

I often play the role of love-smitten poodle to everyone else’s Batman. I’m okay with it, better than that – it’s entertainment. How? I ask these questions: if I have it and you want it, why do I have it and you don’t? Hard to believe, but practically anything can […]

Conning the Con Artists

Thank you public library system for having Frankie & Grace, Season 1! It was a wonderful show to binge watch. One of the major features I love – no laugh track! To catch Martin Sheen’s sly look as he handles appetizers and not be forced into it by a chorus […]

Frankie & Grace, Season 1

I’m not a religious person, but I do believe there is guidance available from music. We respond to music on emotional levels. Surprising news. Yeah, I’m shocked. Mock me if you want, but I was so clueless about emotion that I’d have many of such epiphanies — “Phil Collins on […]

Thank You Music, You Rock!