Loving My Ugly Mark

Perhaps you’ve waged a beauty battle. Mine is against a particular whitehead, call it “little fucker”. Guess what? After a decade, I used Paula’s Choice BHA 9 and started to win! Whitehead began to disappear. So ecstatic! Bye-bye little fucker, I sang, more attractive Michelle coming right up! Next morning – disaster! Instead of a flesh-colored bump there were purplish liver-looking spots. Cancel that more attractive Michelle. These look like Grandma hands. On. My. Face. I stopped using BHA 9. Came to love my ugly mark. Really love it. Cause there are worse one’s out there. Eww! Ick! No! Body shiver.

About MichelleAdmin

Michelle Wolff’s psychiatrist says she’s “very entertaining”, “a pleasure to work with” and comedy clubs across America agree. Available for hire as a comedian or emcee. Performing across the country, Michelle Wolff has been up at Comedy Store (Hollywood), Flappers (Burbank), The Pint (Chicago), End of the World Tavern (Boston), Funhouse (Portland), and you can see her locally in San Diego, every Friday Winston’s in Ocean Beach. She has been on 89.1 FM KNSJ radio and Fox Television, as the “homeless comedian”. Two guys walked into a bar – laughed their asses off listening to Michelle Wolff. Comfortable in any size venue she’s also, professional, reliable and full of fresh talent. Michelle Wolff is unusual and unusually funny.